When it comes to visiting beautiful beaches near Valencia, you don’t have to travel very far. Spain is host to some of Europe’s best beaches, many of which can be found on the southeastern coast, either in or around the city of Valencia.

Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic beach to spend the day, a group of friends looking for somewhere to soak up the Spanish sunshine, or a young family in need of a day out, there is sure to be a beach in Valencia that takes your fancy. In fact, there are plenty of gorgeous beaches perfect for any type of visit.

The idyllic weather in Valencia draws tourists throughout the year, so the beaches in the city and the surrounding areas provide welcome respite. Within an hour’s drive, you’ll be out of the city and listening to crashing waves and the subtle, familiar sounds of beach-life all around you. But which of Valencia’s beautiful beaches is right for you?

Six of the best beaches near Valencia

beaches near valencia

Las Arenas Beach

Las Arenas Beach is a firm favourite among tourists and locals alike. As it is only short journey from the city centre it can get busy, but with 1.2 kilometres of beach at your disposal you’re unlikely to struggle for somewhere to relax. There are plenty of games at the beach for children and there are toilet facilities, shops, and restaurants too, which makes it a great choice for family days out.

beaches near valencia

La Malvarosa Beach

Another of Valencia’s city beaches is La Malvarrosa Beach, which lies in the northern part of the city. Though this beach is a little on the smaller side, it still has everything you could want from a beach: toilets, showers, car parks, lifeguards and sun lounger rental. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing day in Valencia, or take a late afternoon stroll in the sun.

beaches near valencia, el saler

El Saler Beach

The Blue Flag-winning El Saler Beach has over 5 kilometres’ worth of sandy shores to explore and, though windy, it’s a popular choice. Unlike the city beaches, El Saler is located in a very Spanish area, meaning as a visitor you are sure to get a feel of what a ‘local’ Spanish beach is like, away from the commercialised city beaches. The area of El Saler is famous for its golf club.

beaches near valencia

La Garrofera Beach

If you are more interested in quiet, unspoiled beaches, then La Garrofera Beach is what you’re looking for. It’s located south of the city and while there aren’t many facilities, it is ideal if you’re craving an authentic Valencian beach with no unwelcome distractions.

beaches near valencia

La Devesa Beach

La Devesa Beach is further outside of Valencia, but if you’re willing to make the journey this is a pristine beach worth experiencing. All kinds of wildlife, foliage, flowers and lagoons surround the beach, and are protected from the elements by sand dunes. It’s a great choice for anyone that is into conservation or simply wants to enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

beaches near valencia, albufera de valencia

Albufera National Park

Albufera Natural Park should not be missed if you’re in the area surrounding Valencia and want to escape to the great outdoors. The park is not only home to some splendid beaches, but also the largest lake in Spain, an abundance of nature trails and wildlife. It’s a world away from Valencia’s bustling city centre and perfect for a day out. Visitors of all ages are sure to enjoy Albufera Natural Park; whether you’re there to discover the ecosystems or chow down on some local paella, it’s a journey worth making. There are a few beaches surrounding Albufera National Park, such as L’Arbre del Gos, so if you did feel like popping to a nearby beach you’re not too far away. This is a clothing-optional gay beach, located near the sand dunes on the outskirts of the park.