Shipping a car to Spain from the US – or any vehicle for that matter – isn’t an easy task for first timers. In fact, it can be very difficult indeed to ship a car to Spain in some circumstances, unless you hire a professional to do the job for you. They have all of the proper equipment and gear to safely conduct an auto transport without causing harm to your vehicle in the process.

You’ll need to start searching for a shipping company at least a few months beforehand. This will give you and the transporter plenty of time to prepare for the international shipping process. There are strict rules to abide by. In order to lawfully ship a vehicle to Spain, you’ll need to call the Embassy of Spain (US residents only) for the present auto import policies.

Requirements for Shipping a Car to Spain from the US

Spain’s import policies can change at any given time. Nonetheless, there are some regulations that have remained the same. As long as all facets are addressed and all of the proof demanded by Customs is presented, your vehicle should gain approval into Spain. Your transport professionals will help you with this process of preparation by helping you to gather the necessary documents and proof. Here are some general regulations you should know if you’d like to ship a car to Spain:

  • Any vehicle under 49cc can be transported as a possession rather than a vehicle.
  • You must file an application form at any local traffic department in Spain.
  • Proof of vehicle testing and certification. This is a lengthy process and will need to be addressed in time for transport.
  • Proof of residency, paid tariffs, driver’s license, and other documentation will be necessary.

Fulfilling these requests before you import your vehicle can be time consuming and tedious. You could stay on top of matters by creating a checklist. This will help you keep organized and assure that you complete all the requirements needed to safely and smoothly ship a car to Spain.

Two Principle Methods for International Car Shipping to Spain from the US

When it comes to shipping a vehicle internationally, there are two shipping methods that people tend to take advantage of. Both are known for reasonable car shipping rates and providing safe and reliable transport. If you are unsure what shipping services might be best for your circumstances, a customer service rep for any reliable and reputable transport company will be happy to assist you in your selections.

To keep the cost of shipping a car to Spain as low as possible, you might want to consider using an open air service. For those shipping cars internationally, this method is usually referred to as RO/RO shipping. The RO/RO shipping method will require that the vehicle be completely empty with the exception of floor mats, a car jack and a spare tire. The vehicle must also be drivable as it will need to be driven onto and off of the ferry.

For those who have a more valuable vehicle to ship or more than just the vehicle that they would like to have imported, container shipping methods are usually best. There are two different container sizes you will have to choose from. The shipping containers will fit a vehicle and other household goods easily inside. The container is then placed onboard a ship for its travels. When this method of transport is chosen, the vehicle will be allowed to harbor other items as long as they are permitted lawfully into Spain. The container space can also be shared with another individual if you don’t need all the space and would like to lessen the cost of the shipping process.

How to Ship a Car to Spain from the US: Be Safe and get insurance!

Regardless of the method of transport you choose, any professional shipping company will provide insurance coverage for all the automobiles in their care. If any damages or accidents happen while the vehicle is in the care of professionals, their insurance policy will take care of it. Remember to always inquire about a transporter’s insurance policy before booking a shipping date.